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Mar 5, 2024
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Domino's Pizza México APP

We celebrate 35 years of flavor in Mexico! Join the party by trying our exclusive anniversary pizzas with authentic Mexican ingredients: Pastor, Cochinita and Rajas. Available for a limited time!

Order your favorite pizza 🍕 from anywhere with the DominosMX app and enjoy many features such as making your payments online with card, paying on delivery with cash, vouchers or card or directly collecting your order at the Domino's store of your choice.
With the Domino's app get different benefits and unique discounts for online purchases.

When ordering online you can follow the preparation process of your pizza with our Pizza Tracker. Also, you can save your favorite orders to order in the future with just a few clicks.

Download now! Get unique benefits and discounts from Domino's Mexico.

Why use the amazing DominosMX app?
Place your order without leaving or long lines and get a warm Domino's to the door of your house or wherever you are.

Enter the app and select the way to order: pick up in store or send to home. Assemble your Domino's pizza the way you like it best. Select a pizza size, the type of dough, choose your favorite toppings and add it to the cart. You can also choose one of our specialties from the pizza menu or try the delicious premium doughs such as Skillet, Cheese Shore or Crunchy. Accompany your Domino's with some Papotas or some irresistible Baitz. Or if you prefer, choose from the best promotions. When paying you have the option to do it online or on delivery.

Ready to order? With just a few clicks your Domino's will be ready to go into the oven.

1. 🛵 Select the way to order
Home delivery or if you pick up in store.

2. 📍 Choose the location
Check that the address or store selected is correct.

3. 👨🏼‍🍳 Customize your pizza
Assemble the pizza just the way you like it. Select the ingredients, masses and sizes or select one of our combos or promotions. You can also assemble your pizza from our specialty menu and selecting only the dough and size. If you don't know what to order your Domino's pizza, the halves functionality is ideal for you, since you can select which ingredients go on each half of the pizza. 🍍🧀🥓

4. 🍗 Add some complement
You can make your order even better by adding wings, boneless, drinks, fries or desserts to your order.

5. 💳 Select your payment method super easy
Pay online or on delivery. You choose if you prefer to pay in cash, with a debit or credit card and more.

6. 👀 Follow each step of your order
The Domino's Pizza Tracker will let you know how long it takes to enjoy your order.

Take advantage of the exclusive packages, promotions and discounts on your favorite pizza.

Share with your friends, partner or family a delicious Domino's pizza with the freshest ingredients and delivered to your door!
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