Amazing and Beautiful ovulation, period and fertility calendar for every Woman.


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Nov 8, 2022

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Fertility Calendar APP

"Fertility Calendar" will help you track and predict your period, ovulation and fertility!
This very easy in use app has many powerful possibilities behind a beautiful interface.
You can track your periods, notes, body temperature and any symptoms you wish so that application will automatically calculate your fertile days or infertile days, basing on luteal phase length it will also automatically calculate your ovulation and next period.
This app helps you get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. Knowing when is your ovulation day and when you are fertile or infertile is everything you need!
If you wish to measure your temperature too, then interactive and easy in use graphs will show your body temperature history, on which you can also recognize your ovulation day.

Key features:
★ Very easy to use user interface
★ Automatic period, fertile days, infertile days and ovulation calculation
★ Create notes:
● Tags - add a brief description and use them repeatedly
● The temperature of the body
● Descriptions with emoteicons
★ Support for multiple users.
★ Interactive graphs of your body temperature
★ Export data to a file:
● PDF - detailed reports
★ Reminders - set a reminder for ovulation or menstruation
★ Filters - unlimited possibilities in your hand. You decide what data the application will show, analyze and export!

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