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Glitch Photo Editor - Vintage


Make your photo and video more attractive with Glitch, VHS & Vintage effects


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Jul 22, 2022
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Glitch Photo Editor - Vintage App

►Glitch Photo Editor offers to you a lot of editing functions such as glitch effect, VHS & vaporwave effects, also give you retro effects and vintage effects, making you back to 80s,90s. Let your pic more artistic than before!❤️
►Glitch Camcorder, just one step, you can create aesthetic & animated video clip from your phone.

📺 Glitch Effects, VHS Trippy Effects & Vintage Effects:
You can not only apply any one of the filter effects to your picture, also you can combine multiple filter effects together to make your aesthetic works. Artistic effects show off an unsettling near-future fashion that fit your personality while referencing the low-fi technology of the past.

📸 Glitch Camcorder & Snapshot:
You can capture directly from the camera to transform to art glitch video clip and vintage video clip.

💫☆ Light FX and Shadow Effects:
This app offers you a beautiful selection of light effects, retro dust and grain effects.

💫☆ Glitch Collage Maker:
You can combine up to 9 photos to create pic collage and customize the size of photo grid for your style. Aesthetic stickers and gradient backgrounds for you to choose. Such as Neon Lights, 90s Retro Style, Vaporwave Stickers···

● Live capture camera and glitch in real-time
● Self-timer glitch video
● Select photo from gallery and glitch it
● Massive cool glitch effects
● Vaporwave stickers and Retro Classic stickers
● Gradient & Vintage backgrounds
● Easy to share with social media

Glitch Photo Editor
➤Glitch Photo Editor for all glitch style lovers, offering a lot of picture editor effects to customize your aesthetic video and picture.
➤Glitch Photo Editor makes you edit your picture with the easiest way you can imagine, capture the glitch video with simple way.
➤Glitch Photo Editor offers to you a lot of editing functions such as Glitch effect, VHS effect, also give you retro effects and vintage camera effects, making you back to lost youth.

Share your photos / glitch video made by Glitch Photo Editor to your social media, try to attract more attention.
❤️ Get more LIKES and FLOWERS with the glitch photo editor!

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