Hancom Office Viewer helps you view files on mobile devices anywhere, anytime.


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Nov 27, 2023
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Hancom Office Viewer APP

Hancom Office Viewer is an application to allow you to view documents created by Hancom Office or Microsoft Office quickly and easily on multiple mobile devices. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Office documents and also helps you view HWP and PDF document without other applications.

▶ Search files easily
You can easily open documents stored in device storage as well as major cloud service storage including Hancom Space. Files can be conveniently searched for a file type that you have selected and keywords that you have typed.

▶ Select what to do with a file
You can add a star to a file to consider as important or share it with another via link address, e-mail, Bluetooth, cloud storage, Wi-Fi and more.

▶ Add user fonts
You can add any font you want other than built-in fonts.

▶ Free Hancom Space cloud storage
Once you sign up for Hancom Space, you will get cloud storage at no charge. You can store your documents in the storage and open them whenever you want.

▶ Supported operating system
Android 9.0~13.0

▶ Required access permissions
Hancom Office Viewer access photos, media, and files on your device.

▶Optional access permissions
Hancom Office Viewer access Hancom Office Shared on your device.

* You can still use Hancom Office whether you accept the optional permissions or not.
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