ICE Unlock - Real biometrics that uses your fingerprint to access your device.


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May 29, 2023
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ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner APP

ICE (Identity Control Essentials) Unlock gives users the ability to use advanced fingerprint biometrics on their mobile device. No additional hardware or scanner needed.

ICE Unlock is powered by ONYX®, which allows users to take a picture of their fingerprints using the existing camera. ONYX® is a fast, touchless, secure fingerprinting solution and the world’s first, most widely deployed, and most accurate touchless fingerprint biometric for mobile devices.

Captured images are algorithmically converted into a template using proprietary processing and the template is stored only within the secure storage area of your device; it can only be accessed by ICE Unlock. The data stored on your device cannot be used to reverse-engineer your fingerprint.

Users place their hand into the rear-facing camera field of view as directed. When the image is in focus, ICE Unlock automatically captures an image of the fingers, converts it, then processes and matches the image allowing access to the device.

ONYX® is designed to run mobile touchless fingerprint authentication on compatible iOS and Android mobile devices and exhibits its expansive versatility in powering applications like ICE Unlock.


ICE Unlock requires a rear-facing camera with flash, and the camera has to be able to focus on your fingers. Some devices that do not focus on close objects do not work with ICE Unlock and are marked incompatible. ICE Unlock is not intended to be used as a sole source of security on your mobile device.

Camera permission is requested to capture fingerprints for local matching and product improvement. The collected data will not be shared and we do not collect any personally identifiable information.
Files and media permission is requested for storing fingerprint templates locally on the device. They are not transmitted off of the device or shared.
Phone permission is requested to prevent ICE Unlock from interfering with answering phone calls.
Display over other apps permission is requested to allow ICE Unlock to be displayed prior to other apps when the device is unlocked.

If you are requesting support please include the model of your mobile device.

For more information about ONYX®, see
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