A sound board-like K-Touch from Masked Rider Decade.


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Aug 11, 2016

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K-Touch : Masked Rider Decade APP

A sound board-like K-Touch from Masked Rider Decade. The application cover power up mode for decade final form, using the code Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O and Kiva transform to Final Kamen Rider. You can transform to each final form by touch the rider's logo and touch finish button.

* Credit Artwork form Alexander Walden from http://alpha-vector.deviantart.com.

How to Play

Kamen Rider Ultimate = Kuuga + Finish
Kamen Rider King = Blade + Finish
Kamen Rider Blaster = Faiz + Finish
Kamen Rider Shining = Agito + Finish
Kamen Rider Hyper = Kabuto + Finish
Kamen Rider Armed = Hibiki + Finish
Kamen Rider Surviver = Ryuki + Finish
Kamen Rider Emperor = Kiva + Finish
Kamen Rider Liner = Den-O + Finish

Final Attack Rider Kuuga = Kuuga + Decade
Final Attack Rider Blade = Blade + Decade
Final Attack Rider Faiz = Faiz + Decade
Final Attack Rider Agito = Agito + Decade
Final Attack Rider Kabuto = Kabuto + Decade
Final Attack Rider Hibiki = Hibiki + Decade
Final Attack Rider Ryuki = Ryuki + Decade
Final Attack Rider Kiva = Kiva + Decade
Final Attack Rider Den-O = Den-O + Decade
Final Attack Rider Decade = Decade + Decade

Complete Form = Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva + Decade

Number Display Mode

Choose menu option click at Number Display

Kuuga = 2+0+0+0+Call
Agito = 2+0+0+1+Call
Ryuki = 2+0+0+2+Call
Faiz = 2+0+0+3+Call
Blade = 2+0+0+4+Call
Hibiki = 2+0+0+5+Call
Kabuto = 2+0+0+6+Call
Den-O = 2+0+0+7+Call
Kiva = 2+0+0+8+Call
Decade = 2+0+0+9+Call

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