Kure is a free and secure messaging application platform.


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Feb 23, 2024
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kure is a free and secure messaging application platform. You can use kure to communicate with anyone that has a kure account, individually or in a group chat. Free voice and video calls coming soon.

What sets kure apart is the ability to add visual workflows to facilitate communication between small and large teams. kure Workflows, are saved permanently for future audit and reporting, provide structure to messages, reduce typing, create consistency and transparency, and maintain data history.

* Current workflows are used as demonstrator in the healthcare cardiac emergencies, and at the moment are being tested in Kare Partners’ India facilities (http://india.karepartners.com).

Please feel free to try out the application for messaging. Call or contact us to be able to add your own workflows to the application. We do appreciate any feedback, if you’d like to drop us a line or learn more, please email us at info@kurenetwork.com

** kure uses SMS to activate your account, and has the option to import you phone contacts for easy access.
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