Learn alphabet, numbers and other basic Arabic words in daily life.


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Dec 18, 2021

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Learn Arabic APP

Learn Arabic is a fun way to learn the Arabic abjad or alphabetic script, as well as numbers and commonly used Arabic words. This app is also enriched with exercises to test the learner’s skill in recognizing Arabic words and pronunciation.

Content for Learn Arabic Level 1:
1. Learn the Arabic abjad (alphabet)
2. Name objects starting with the letters Alif to Yaa

(A full version of Learn Arabic Level 1 contains numbers 1-20, colours, shapes, time, days of the week, the Hijrah months, family members, and parts of the body. There are also 11 sets of enforcement activities included.)

Content for Learn Arabic Level 2:
1. In the kitchen
2. Clothes

(A full version of Learn Arabic Level 2 contains name objects starting with the letters Alif to Yaa, in the bedroom, hobby, places in school, objects in the class, at the zoo, sea life, and birds and insects. 10 sets of enforcement activities are included.)

Attractive graphics
Clear pronunciation
Commonly-used Arabic words
Bilingual (Arabic – English)
Memory recall activities
Does not require Internet access once downloaded

If you have suggestions on how we can improve this application, please send us your feedback. We value your input; it can make a world of difference to the learning experience of other learners who use this app.

E-mail us at: admin@e-unik.com.my
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