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Jul 13, 2023
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App APKs APP is an Android version of the website, which is an online search engine for intercity buses, trains and Balaton boats in Hungary. The application is also the official search engine for Volán companies. Searches over 20,000 stops in Volan, MÁV, and Bahart and all cities in the country.

The software can search for stops and settlements. In the input field you will find both full and partial matches, for example, "bp st" can be returned to "Budapest, Stadion Bus Station". The software can also provide departure and arrival lists for a particular stop. Just fill in one of the input fields and do a search.

The software can also use your phone's built-in GPS to determine your departure stop. When searching for a stop, by tapping the position marker in the entry box, the application will search for the nearest stop within 1500m. Displays the time interval specified in the settings in advance, from the specified time.

The list of software results can be fine-tuned using the "SETTINGS" according to the web version. You can sort the results by departure and arrival times, trip times, fares (currently only for Volan search), or by transfer. You can also specify the duration of transfer times and the maximum length of walking.

The last 20 hits are automatically saved and can be accessed from the "HISTORY" menu item. Recent hits can be viewed in the history without an internet connection, or updated when connected. You can also delete history from the list. Searchability for any day ensures that weekly and weekend schedules are saved in a spreadsheet.

You can view the map from the list of results and from the departure list by selecting a flight by tapping the map icon in the detailed information. When the map is displayed, the departure and arrival stops and the route of the selected flight are displayed. You can recall the stop name by touching the marker point. If your location is on, your phone's GPS position will also be shown on the map.

If you are traveling by train or bus, you may not be near a computer to check your timetable. This app is designed for them to get travel information quickly, easily, and in a data-efficient way.

If you encounter a bug, please send a description of the bug in addition to the comments below to help us fix it as soon as possible.
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