You can output the sound through the microphone by selecting the speaker unit.


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Aug 29, 2023
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Mic Speaker APP

This app can output sound through earphone or headset.
This app outputs the sound of the microphone through the selected speaker unit.

Sound from the microphone can also be played in the background.
You can use it as a karaoke microphone while playing music.
Use the presentation microphone while giving a presentation.
This app has a speaker output switching function.
You can record ASMR with the MIC Speaker app.

Launch the microphone speaker app in the background and watch karaoke accompaniment and lyrics on YouTube.
The microphone speaker app can connect the AUX cable with another audio device to output the smartphone's microphone output to the audio device.
The microphone speaker app can be used as an amplifier by connecting multiple speaker devices.

Create your own karaoke with a mini microphone.
If you can't hear well, try using this app as a hearing aid.
Use the sound of your heart or heart rate through this app like a stethoscope.

Output your sound through a Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker.
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