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Mikrotik RouterOS live traffic charts, configurations and push stats

Version1.14 (26)
UpdatedJul 30, 2020 (6 months ago)
DeveloperSeptudio LLC
CategoryApps, Tools

•Support Mikrotik RouterOS 6+. Connect with api/api-ssl.
•Port Knocking. Minimize a risk of hacking attempts. Enable with one-tap.
•Group routers by labels. Search routers by name, ip/url, or labels.
•Dashboard with resources usage, cpu, memory and disk. Traffic throughput, client count and percentage chart. Ethernet status.
•Clients view shows main clients of the router, DHCP lease, Wireless registration, Hotspot active and PPP active. Check the details and control.
•Interfaces view shows realtime tx/rx rate of interfaces.
•Create chart groups and add what you need. For example, create a group with cpu usage, memory usage, ether1 traffic rate and wlan traffic rate.
•Router settings. Support CAPsMAN, interfaces, wireless, bridge, switch, mesh, PPP, IP, routing, system, queues, radius.
•Live Statistics data and charts for wlan clients, simple queues and firewall rules/nat/mange/raw.
•Batch update. Select items then enable, disable or delete. Easily select all and clear.
•View router logs and search.
•Tools. Ping, Traceroute, Ip Scan, Bandwidth Test and Profile.
•Run scripts, Shutdown/Reboot router.
•Files, backup and restore.
•Check for updates.
•Easy to use. Pull to refresh, search highlight, sort list items and drag to reorder.
•Team Collaboration. Share and maintain router lists efficiently within a team.
PushStats. Monitor stats and identify problems before customers are affected.
- Health. voltage, current, power consumption, temperature, cpu temperature, fan speed.
- Resources. uptime, cpu load, memory usage, hdd space usage.
- Counts. system active user, bridge host, ip arp, firewall connection, ipsec remote peer, ipsec policy, ip pool used, ip route, bgp peer, ospf neighbor.
- Client Counts. capsman registration, capsman remote cap, capsman radio, wireless registration, ppp active, dhcp server lease, hotspot active, hotspot host, hotspot cookie.
- Traffic. tx/rx rate and packet rate for aggregate, ethernet and wlan interface.
- Notifications. Generating alerts when no push stats received, cpu usage exceeds 90%, memory usage exceeds 90%, the traffic of interface become zero and more.
Free Features
•LAN scan. Saved one router.
•Dashboard with resources usage, cpu, memory and disk, traffic throughput.
•Client count and percentage chart. Ethernet status and details.
•Clients view with DHCP client list and details.
•Latest tx/rx rate of five Interfaces.
•Enable PushStats, at-a-glance visualization and compare with yesterday.
•Group Chart with cpu usage, memory usage and main interface rate.
•View router logs and search.
•Shutdown/Reboot router, upgrade router.

What's New

• PushStats Notifications. Added interface link down alerts. It's disabled by default.
• PushStats Notification Settings. You can set whether to enable cpu/memory usage alerts, interface zero traffic alerts and interface link down alerts. Setting the threshold for cpu/memory usage alerts. On the homepage, goto PushStats tab, tap the settings button in the upper right corner.
• Minor bugfixes.

Email: septudio@gmail.com

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