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Version1.1.9b (55)
UpdatedNov 14, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperDeos Apps
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Music Tagger is a music tag editor that introduces automated features like lyrics grabbing & album art grabbing to make the process of tagging your song files quick and easy. Music Tagger also uses an audio identification system to automatically identify and tag your files individually or in batch. Album information is pulled from the MusicBrainz database which can also be directly accessed and tag information for each track downloaded and applied to files manually. This Music Tag Editor is also capable of organising and renaming your song files once they have been tagged. Folders for artists and albums can be created and files renamed based on renaming structure selected from the given options. - This Music Tag Editor automatically updates the Media Store Database when changes have been made to files to ensure changes reflect on all other media applications. Please take note that some music players use their own databases (like Google Play Music, Rocket Player, Double Twist and n7player) and may take longer to reflect changes to files, a manual update may need to be invoked within the application if it is possible. - Music Tagger Currently supports the following file formats MP3, FLAC , M4A and MP4 audio files only. - NOTE: This is a BETA Application it is currently still in development. - READ: If you are running KitKat writing to external storage will not work unless you have rooted your device and applied the SD card permissions fix. This is due to Google removing external write permissions from 3rd party apps on Android. - Features: - ✓ Automatic Music Tagging using audio identification with metadata from MusicBrainz (currently only supports MP3 and M4A) ✓ Automatic Album Art Grabbing with art from MusicBrainz and Last.fm ✓ Bing Image Search ✓ Manually search for music on the MusicBrainz database, apply album information and album art to music files (This does not allow you to download music.) ✓Selecting tracks in MusicBrainz and searching them on YouTube ✓ Batch Automatic Music Identification Tagging currently supports MP3s & M4A only ✓ Manual editing currently supports MP3s,FLAC, M4A and MP4-Audio ✓ Reading and editing ID3v1 ✓ Reading and editing ID3v2 ✓ Batch editing music files and albums ✓ Selective fields when batch editing ✓ Edit by Songs ✓ Edit by Artists ✓ Edit by Albums ✓ Enabling and Disabling ID3v1 and ID3v2 Tags in MP3 files ✓ Applying album art in android database to music files ✓ Batch applying album art in android database to music files ✓ Applying album art from storage to files. ✓ Updates Android Media Store after changes are made to MP3, M4A,MP4-Audio and FLAC tags. ✓ Reading and editing FLAC tags. ✓ Reading and editing M4A tags. ✓ Reading and editing MP4-Audio tags. ✓ Reading an editing lyrics on MP3 M4A,MP4-Audio and FLAC files ✓ Automatic Lyrics Search ✓ Batch Lyrics Grabbing ✓ Long press save to copy to from ID3v1 to ID3v2 ✓ Long press save to copy to from ID3v2 to ID3v1 ✓ Changing character Encoding ✓ Long press files to delete ✓ Long press files to play ✓ Edit through third party file browsers ✓ Built in file browser ✓ Built in Media Scanner ✓ Automatic file and folder organisation and renaming based on artist names, album names and track numbers. ✓ Filename to Tag If you experience any issues, we'd appreciate it if you would send us an email to deos.apps@outlook.com or leave a post on this thread [ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=52640775#post52640775 ] explaining your problems before leaving a review. We’ll respond as soon as possible. This makes it easier and faster to fix bugs or make changes based on feedback.

What's New

Bug Fixes Added more meaningful errors when batch auto tagging Added Filename to Tag by pressing the scrolling file list when editing files.
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