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Apr 1, 2024
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Music Volume EQ - Equalizer APP

Music Volume Eq is an app designed to enhance your music listening experience!
This equalizer app provides you with precise sound adjustments and a visualized audio experience, allowing you to follow equalizer bars that sync with the rhythm of your music.

Ξ Key Features of Music Volume Eq:

✔ Fine-tune your sound with a 5-band or 10-band equalizer.
✔ Experience optimal audio enhancement with loudness and preamp effects.
✔ Amplify your bass with our built-in bass booster feature.
✔ Immerse yourself in a 3D spatial sound experience through the Virtualizer effect.
✔ Connect your favorite headphones for automatic 10-band equalizer adjustments with our AutoEq feature.
✔ Balance effect for adjusting the balance of the left and right channels
✔ Saving presets according to the audio output for automatic preset application
✔ Editing and deleting presets
✔ Limiter effect for limiting audio frequencies
✔ 4 themes

Ξ Highlights:

✔ Choose from 15 built-in EQ presets that you can customize and save as your own.
✔ Track your music playback with a full-screen visualizer.
✔ Transform your device's wallpaper with a graphical visualizer using our live wallpaper option – all without opening the app.
✔ Access quick equalizer settings with three types of widgets for your home screen.

Music Volume Eq is not just a volume booster; it's your complete audio enhancement companion.
Tailor the sound to your liking with the bass booster and volume booster for a personalized and powerful audio experience.
Dive into our array of features, enjoying personalized sound adjustments that resonate with your music.

Fine-tune and amplify sound quality effortlessly with our built-in equalizer, accompanied by live visual audio readings of your current music level.
Seamlessly integrate our app with most Android music players and video players for incredible sound quality, whether you prefer an MP3 Music player or a video player.

Ξ How to Install & Use:

1. Put on your best headphones.
2. Turn on your Android music player or video player to play songs from your music library.
3. Open Music Volume EQ and fine-tune the sound level and frequency.
4. Save a custom preset by pressing Save Preset and entering the preset name. To delete, long-press the preset name.
5. Select your preferred theme: Classic, Material, Studio or Flat.
6. Switch to full-screen visualization and enjoy a stereo sound booster.
7. To close the app, press the X button on the notification or select Quit from the menu.

Don't wait! Immerse yourself in the best quality surround sounds. Download and use Music Volume EQ now for Free.
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