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Sep 5, 2023

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Digi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia has launched the new MyDigi phone plan app, which provides Digi users with a streamlined, all-in-one experience. For prepaid and postpaid users, MyDigi phone plan app is a smarter way to manage your Digi mobile account. By using the quick link buttons, you can pay your mobile bills, check and monitor your internet usage, buy & top up Internet packages, and claim exclusive rewards and deals on food, drinks, and more in Malaysia.
Check and Pay Your Mobile Bills and Top-Up Credit in Malaysia
Experience hassle-free bill payment with the MyDigi telco mobile app. No need to visit the Digi store: pay your bills with only a few taps from anywhere you are in Malaysia!
You can also download past and current phone plan billing statements to monitor and keep track of your mobile bills.
Do you have a shortage of prepaid credits? Is your prepaid plan about to expire? To keep in touch with your loved ones, simply topup & reload your phone credit with the MyDigi app. Depending on the quantity of online prepaid reload you choose, you'll get more data, call time, and credits. With MyDigi, you can save both time and money.

Check and Monitor Mobile Data Usage & Switch Internet Plan
Monitor your mobile data usage, located under the “Internet” section, as displayed on the homescreen. The data quota and data usage are displayed side by side to give you a clear picture of how much data you consume and how much you need.
Digi users can also view how many days remain till their data quota expires out or is renewed for the next use cycle.
If you wish to check your other numbers' mobile data usage, go to the side menu, choose your phone number, and the usage information for that number will be displayed.
When your current Internet plan package expires, you can switch to a new one using the app!
Data Top Up and International Roaming Passes
Is your mobile data plan insufficient? You can topup and buy data add ons that are suitable for your usage and budget.
The data add ons range from basic Internet access to more intensive entertainment (games, music, and videos), as well as larger data purchase options for general use.
The 'Buy Add-Ons' tab on the homescreen or the 'Box of Surprise' page in the app can be used to purchase add ons.
If you are traveling outside of Malaysia, book an international roaming pass in advance to ensure a safe and enough data connection during your journey.
Simply select the country to which you will be traveling before subscribing to a roaming Internet package — it's that simple!

Support Section
Under the “Support” section, users can find the available FAQs under the "Self Help" common questions should the need arise.
If you cannot find the answers you need, you can navigate to the "Get In Touch" section to raise a ticket to MyDigi's agent for any inquiries.
You can even check the status of your ticket raised under “My Case Status”.

Digi FibreHome & Broadband Internet/WiFi
Unlimited High Speed FibreHome Internet Broadband Plan
Malaysia's best value fiberhome broadband plan. Get access to your home’s fiber and broadband wifi consumption data and pay bills using MyDigi telco mobile App.
Sign up now to get a FREE broadband WiFi router. Enjoy unlimited Internet & savings with Digi!
Digi EKYC App: Self-Registration and SIM Card Activation (Prepaid & Postpaid)
With the Digi App’s Electronic Know Your Customer (EKYC) feature, it’s easy to activate your prepaid or postpaid SIM card, just tap on ‘Activate SIM’ to begin.
This applies to both prepaid and postpaid SIM card activation! Now, everyone can enjoy Digi’s excellent coverage and fast data plans!

To learn more about the MyDigi telco mobile app, simply log on to or to access specific topics on the MyDigi app. Enjoy an all-new app experience on MyDigi today!
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