You can use it as Radio streaming, Word Quiz, Pronunciation practice.


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May 15, 2023
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NHK gogaku APP

This application is free service officially offered by [NHK GOGAKU] NHK language study program portal site.
There are fully loaded with functions that can support daily language learning device!
You can learn it smoothly anytime, anywhere by using this application, not only by watching TV or listening to a radio program.
You can interoperate this application, [NHK Language Program] will be much more fun!

[Introduction and features]

- Streaming Radio program
You can listen to NHK radio programs from the beginning to the end. It is available for eight languages.
You can check key phrase and explanation by listening it.

- English: the Word Master
Recommended for your spare time or while on the move!

"Daily Quiz"
It consists of two patterns: "Basic Quiz" and "Advanced Quiz".
You can check a number of exercises in each English word.
You can learn it at your own pace by reading explanation, so it will not be just rote memorization but support expanding your vocabulary.

"Weekly test" and "Monthly test"
How many quiz can you complete within a time limit? You can try it having game feeling.

"Listening to the pronunciation of words and example sentence"
You can check the meaning of the word, pronunciation sound, graphic image, example sentences and so on.
The achievement that you can understand at a glance!
You can check the current learning situation and the learning time so far on the report card.
In addition, you can see badges that you earned according to the number of attendance.

"Let's check forenotice!"
You can check the theme and English words of the quiz to be published in the list every week.

"Let's look up words you do not understand right away."
We accumulate the words picked up by the program in alphabetical order.

- Chinese: the Seicho-Kakunin-Kun
Comparing example with your tonal each syllable displaying over, you can check the difference visually.
And it will automatically converse your tonal, you can hear your correct tonal. You can continue because it is fun!
This can be your New partner as a Chinese pronunciation practice device.
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