Turn your phone into a night vision device simulator.


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Jun 17, 2022

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Night Vision Camera Simulation APP

"Night Vision Camera Simulation" tries to simulate night vision device. With this app you should see items and people at night which you would not see using standard build-in camera software.
This tool uses high technology algorithms for image enhancement, so you can see more clearly at night. A lot of image processing filters will give you the ability to adjust night view for different night environments. Moreover, you can take a picture of the night view using instant button.

How it really works? :
"Night Vision Camera Simulation" tries to enhance gray colors, which the human eye normally cannot distinguish and usually interprets as a black color.
Our image processing algorithm allows you to notice contour of people, items in poorly illuminated places where your built-in phone camera software would display only a dark screen.
Furthermore, each person possesses a different level of dark colors distinction, so we give you ability to use three different color match filters:
- average RGB color values
- minimal/maximal RGB color values
- individual RGB color values
You can choose the best filter for your eyes.

Application's most important features:
- three color match filters
- three night color filters
- live night vision power amplifier
- adjust camera rotation (0°, 90°, 180°, 270° or automatic)
- no camera latency

Disclaimer: This app will not give you the same results that real night vision hardware device would give. Our app only tries to enhancement the image from the camera view, so the final result depends a lot on camera performance and phone quality.

WearOS: this app is also available for WearOS devices. WearOS app is not a standalone app. To work correctly it needs phone app. Using your watch app you can take a photo on your phone app. Just press button on smartwach and photo will be taken on nightvision phone app.
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