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In the exciting action-survival Palworld: Survive, Tame Pals you will have to survive on the picturesque island "Groni", where the atmosphere is not friendly because of its local inhabitants - pals.

- Survive by extracting resources on the island,
- Don't forget your survivalist's thirst, hunger, and well-being indicators,
- Craft and upgrade your gear so that you can,
- Tame pets to make them your helpers,
- Expand your squad by adding your pals to it,
- Build your village to place as many pals as possible
- Fight a variety of bosses to become the best amongst the pall trainers.

As you explore the huge island in Palworld: Survive, Tame Pals, don't forget to mine resources to survive and upgrade your equipment to get stronger and stronger!
You can replenish hunger and thirst indices in standard ways by picking nutritious berries from the bush and trees, or drinking water from the river, or by preparing better quality food and drinks.
After you purchase your first resources and make a workbench in Palworld: Survive, Tame Pals. You will be able to improve your gear or create better gear, increasing armor stats and more!

Mine iridium on the island to create a "Catchball" to tame your first pal and turn him into a helper. Once you've successfully tamed him, you'll be able to give him orders to mine resources, as well as speed up building or crafting - it all depends on your needs at the moment. Every pal in Palworld: Survive, Tame Pals is unique, don't forget that! So before you give orders, make sure your pet has this skill in its arsenal!
In addition to exploiting the pala within your settlement, it is also capable of protecting you in a difficult situation if you have equipped it to your inventory.

So fill up your squad with different pets in Palworld: Survive, Tame Pals to be stronger and easily deal with enemies during your adventure!
As you progress deeper and deeper on "Groni" Island, you'll encounter other pall trainers who, at the same time, will be your opponents in the form of bosses with unique behaviors. For these fights in Palworld: Survive, Tame Pals you better stock up on your best pals, combining them by skill and element to have a better chance of defeating such a challenging opponent!

So download this action-survival game right now and don't forget to leave your feedback, let's together make such an ambitious project the best!

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