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Jan 25, 2023
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PhoneBook APP

PhoneBook app is Arabic caller ID and search engine for identifying unknown calls and staying protected from spam calls.

PhoneBook app has millions of records for (Saudi Arabia (KSA) - United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Kuwait - Bahrain - Oman - Qatar - Yemen - Jordan - Lebanon - Syria - Egypt - Iraq - Morocco - Tunisia - Algeria - Sudan - Palestine - Libya- Comoros - Djibouti - Mauritania - Somalia)

App Core functionality:
• Allow users to get information and the identity of the caller when unknown incoming call by display popup window when incoming calls to help user to search before deciding to answer or reject the call.
• Display a list of incoming calls that do not exist in the contacts list to allow users to search and identity them before deciding to add them to the contact list.

App Features:
• Search for any mobile numbers. By entering the number in the search box or by selecting the number from the unknown call log or contacts list from the app.
• List of the unknown calls from the call log to help you to search and save numbers with one click.
• List of your contacts to allow you to search for other names for them with one click.
• Window caller popup when unknown incoming calls to help you to search for the number before answering the call.
• Display warning popup window if incoming calls number in the block list.
• Display warning popup window if incoming calls number is a spammer (the spam list gets updated regularly).
• Notify the user if new names get appear in the app for his number.
• Remove Abusive Names.
• Your device default dialer app screens will not get affected.

Permissions needed by this app:
• Read Phone State (Manage Phone Calls) . ( listen to incoming call action and display popup notification when the caller is unknown number. )
• Read Call Log ( to read caller phone number when unknown incoming calls, display list of unknown numbers from the call log and to find if the caller phone exits or not in the spam or block list to warn the user )
• Read Contacts . (to display the list of contacts to allow the user to search for other names in the app, to display a list of unknowns call not exist in the contact list, and to share contact list phones and names in our database to enhance our search engine )
• System alert window. (to display popup window front of the applications )
All these permissions will only be used to provide better service.

• This application required upload and share your contacts list to enhance the app search engine.
• The app doesn't upload or share your call log.
• Phone Book app does not sell, share data with any third-party application and/or organization.
• Internet connection is required for Caller ID.
• For more detail please read our privacy policy before using the app.
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