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Jun 14, 2022
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Police siren light & sound simulator APP

Application "Police siren light & sound simulator" will change your mobile phone into a police light simulator.
High quality police siren sound in connection with fluently flashing blue and red light gives very realistic effect comparable to real siren installed in police car. This app can also be used as a light simulator of other public service cars, like: a fire brigade car or an ambulance. Additionally we give you possibility to adjust the frequency of lights flashing, so you can adjust their speed to the LED lights of your local police. Depending on which place you want to use the police siren simulator, go the settings showing "Police siren display type", here you can set the way the lights will be displayed. Download for free and trick your friends right now!

Manual: Touch any place on the screen to turn on police lights. Touch again to turn it off.

Main features of application:
- Realistic sound and consistently flashing lights
- Adjustment of the frequency of flashing lights
- Two types of police light displays

WearOS: this app is also available for WearOS devices. WearOS app is not a standalone app. To work correctly it needs phone app. Using your watch app you can turn on / off police siren on your phone app.
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