Simulation of real area locator, radar, scanner for search people


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Nov 9, 2017

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Real people radar simulator GAME

Radar people - simulating a real scanner area for search people on locator on your phone screen! Radar people simulates the positioning of men, women, and groups of people using the gadget on the map
Amaze your friends by showing them the location and number of people around you, as the locator for the military in a secret government bunker! Of course it was a joke, but friends believe that the phone or tablet that supports the technology to scan the surrounding countryside, city, or even the entire planet!
ATTENTION! Radar people - is simulator! The phone is not able to run a real radar or scanner location! Radar people do not use GPS, Wi-Fi or mobile data networks for people search! The scanner location and only simulates the operation of the detector! App created to draw people, though perhaps in the near future and the conventional devices will get the technology to scan the terrain, like in science fiction movies and games
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