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Feb 21, 2022

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Secret Santa Online APP

With the Online Secret Santa application it is now easier to organize the game, be it in your company, school, family or friends. With this application you can make the draw and send the Secret Notes by email, among other ways.

This Application has the following advantages:

- Easy to use;
- Hardly takes up any space on your cell phone;
- Performs the draw and offers the possibility to send it to your contacts without you knowing the result;


-- Now you can reveal your Secret Santa right in the app! In case our site is overloaded the disclosure can be done with a code you have received.

Advantages of using the Application instead of Paper:

- It makes it impossible for the person to remove it himself;
- It makes it impossible for two people to draw among themselves and ruin the game;
- It makes it possible for friends and distant relatives to participate in the draw;
- Among other advantages;

This is why it is an essential application for those of you who want to organize your Secret Santa Online!

How to use the app:

Add your friends;
- Enter their names and then Save
- Do the draw
- Send the Secret Notes
- Click on the link you received and find your Secret Santa or
- From the link
- Add the Received Code
- Find your Secret Santa
- through the app
- Send your secret friend's ticket through WhatsApp, among others
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