Shotlight is a manual camera application for taking photos and recording videos


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Apr 21, 2017

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-= Take full control of your camera =-

The Shotlight is an manual exposure application that will unleash all possibilities of your smartphone camera and the iblazr LED flash. Just tap on the screen, and you will get the every manual parameter you need to make one, perfect shot.

Shotlight Manual Camera gives you DSLR-like precise controls for both photo and video modes. Now you can choose the lowest ISO and the right exposure so picture will not-look like your smartphone see it, but rather like you see it. The same goes with video mode. For example, you can adjust the focus during the recording - the classic trick seen, probably, in any movie.

*Manual Shotlight Settings:

- Focus
- Exposure
- White balance
- Timer (photo)

-= Using iblazr LED Flash has never been so fancy =-

The new app is designed to provide a better experience using iblazr LED Flash and iblazr 2 Wireless LED Flash primary functions, including adjusting the brightness of iblazr’s LEDs, changing the light color temperature, and adding more flashes to an array of units. What is more, each individual unit can be single-tuned within the Shotlight app.

And because we care about our existing users, Shotlight was also designed to support first-generation iblazr units. Using this app will help maximize what is already the most versatile light system available—adjust the temperature, power output or number of units you need with ease to achieve the best lighting possible.

How to use original iblazr LED Flash:

1. Start the iblazr App
2. Connect the iblazr to the audio jack of your smartphone
3. Awaken the iblazr (push the button one time)
4. iblazr ready to go!

In-app features for iblazr 2 Wireless Flash:

- Auto syncing (no need to be paired the iblazr with the phone)
- LEDs brightness
- Light color temperature
- Multiple iblazrs connectivity (up to 5 devices)

* Requires Android 4.3 or later and smartphone support of Camera 2 API (Confirmed only on Nexus 5 and Nexus 6). If your smartphone doesn’t supports Camera 2, the Shotlight app will provide limited amount of manual camera adjustments.

More information about Shotlight App and iblazr product family find at our website-

For Android Marshmallow:
1. When the app is setting up, you`ll see four dialog screens which asking to allow to use Shotlight.
Choose `Allow` to all of the requests.
2. For the correct interaction with iblazr 2 you need to activate the `Location` option in Settings.
Settings -> Personal -> Location
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