To sync files between a PC/NAS and Android via wireless LAN.

Version2.31 (262)
UpdatedJun 25, 2020 (3 weeks ago)
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*** If the response is not returned from the application when displaying the message tab at the time of sync execution, please try setting -> others -> Enable ”Text processing of sync messages”.

***If SDCARD is not available, check the FAQ "4.2.SDCARD or USB media is not recognized by the app".

*** There is a danger of losing the file, so when creating a new task you must create a test directory and test it.


SMBSync 2 is a tool for synchronizing files via wireless LAN using SMB1, SMB2 or SMB3 protocol between the internal storage of Android terminal, SDCARD and PC/NAS. Synchronization is a one-way from the master to the target, mirror, move, copy, archive can be used. (Internal storage, SDCARD, SMB, ZIP combination is possible)
Can start the sync by external application (Tasker, AutoMagic etc) or SMBSync2 schedule.

If master and target files are different, to copied files from master to the target directory. To delete target files and directories if does not exist in the master.
If master and target files are different, to copied files from master to the target directory. To delete the master directories and files copied to the target.
However, the master and target same name, same file modification time and file size, to delete the file on the master without copying files.
If master and target files are different, to copied files from master to the target directory. However, the same file modification time and file size with the same name does not copy the master and target.
Move photos and videos in the directory on the master side to the target under conditions such as shooting date/time than the date and time of archive execution, such as 7 days or earlier or 30 days or earlier. (However, ZIP can not be used for target)

The difference file is one of the following three conditions.
1. File does not exist
2. Different file sizes
3. Different over when last updated 3 seconds
If it is not permitted to change the last update time of the file by the application, the last update time of the file is recorded in the management file and it is used to judge the difference file. Therefore, if you copy a file other than SMBSync 2 or there is no management file, the file will be copied.

The last update time of the file sync to the internal storage may be rewritten to the sync time depending on the model. Also, the last update time of external SDCARD is always rewritten to synchronized time on Android 5/6.

-About collecting and sending data in the app
The app collects the following data and saves it in a file to verify the synchronization result and to identify the cause of the error.
・Directory name, file name, file size and last modified date of file
・Network interface name, IP address
・User settings other than password
・Error information in the app
・In addition to the above when using SMB, the host name (if used)
Information that is collected is not sent outside in the app. However, except when sending by user operation. (Log management, Share a history and send a system information)

-Using the library
・jcifs-ng Client Library(https://github.com/AgNO3/jcifs-ng/)
・jcifs-1.3.17 Client Library(http://jcifs.samba.org/)
・Zip4J 1.3.2

For more information :

**Check on the following machine.
-Sony Xperia Z3(SO-01G Android 6.0)
-Sony Xperia XZ(SO-01J Android 7.0)
-Huawei MediaPad M5(Android 8.0)
-Asus Zenfone 5Z(ZS620KL Android 8.0)

Email: gm.developer.fhoshino@gmail.com

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