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NameSomali English Translator APK
Version2.0.35 (55)
UpdatedJul 09, 2021
DeveloperTTMA Apps
CategoryApps, Education

Somali English Translator App

Free translator from Somali to English, and from English to Somali

This free application is able to translate words and text from Somali to English, and from English to Somali.
Best application for easy and fast translations, which can be used like a dictionary.
If you are a student, tourist or traveler, it will helps you to learn the Somali or English language! If you want to learn Somali you can use Somali translate feature otherwise you can use English translate feature.
Users can create their own lessons and add words to the lessons to enrich the lessons beyond the pre-designed example lessons.
This translator contain the following features:
- Translate words and sentences
- Translate from clipboard: copy text from other app to clipboard and paste into our app. It will translate that text to your selected language
- Simple and user-friendly interface
- Voice input
- Camera translator - you select region of text from image captured by camera or region of text from gallery image and our app will translate it for you. Enjoy our photo translate and camera translate feature.
- History page remember all your previous translations for you. You can select words or sentences you've already translated in the past and see its result
- Favorite page list all your favorite words or sentences when you click our favorite button
☆ Learn vocabulary through simple designed lessons
☆ Practice vocabulary through engaging games
☆ Design your own lessons
☆ Learn words through flashcard
☆ Move words from history to lesson
☆ Exciting quiz: writing quiz, listening quiz, multi choice quiz, picture choice quiz
Free translator from Somali to English, and from English to Somali.

Somali /səˈmɑːli, soʊ-/ (Af-Soomaali [æ̀f sɔ̀ːmɑ́ːlì]) is an Afroasiatic language belonging to the Cushitic branch. It is spoken as a mother tongue by Somalis in Greater Somalia and the Somali diaspora. Somali is an official language of Somalia, Somaliland, a national language in Djibouti, and a working language in the Somali Region of Ethiopia.
English is official language of England. It's international language and is spoken in many countries all over the world.

APK: Dịch Somali Anh, Somali English Translator

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