Application of Perfect Weapon Sound , now your phone and your tablet.


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Jul 6, 2023
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Sound of Fire Arms APP

firearms sound

Excellent gun sounds application, now on your phone and tablet..

The most known nostalgic, classic and modern Weapons are gathered together.
Amazing firearms with their sounds and pictures have been redesigned for you in this application...
With this Application you will learn the weapons and their sounds that you do not know.
Use the weapon you want by selecting the weapon categories on the main screen.
Experience real gunfire with this app.
All you have to do is to download the app and experience the firearm sounds by selecting the relevant weapon category.
All weapons are divided into categories.
You can access all the weapons in the weapon category you want by scrolling down the screen.
Along with 141 weapon images and sounds currently available.
General weapon categories:

Sniper Rifles
Machine Guns
Heavy Machine Guns
Submachine Guns
Assault Rifles
Short Attack guns
Propelled Grenades
Auto Rifles
Pump Action Rifles

General features:
-easy-to-use interface design
-Easy controllable volume change buttons.
-changeable background options.
-options to easily share and recommend the app on social networks.
The option to instantly send us your comments and suggestions about the application.

Attention- Warning:
This app is definitely designed for you to stay away from real guns.
Let your interest in the gun be limited to this virtual application.
Please do not support the use and sale of real weapons.
This application is designed for entertainment and enjoyment only.
Use of this application other than its intended purpose is the responsibility of the user. Please do not use this application for other than its intended purpose.

- Have fun -
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