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Aug 29, 2023
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Classic 3D Yokai JRPG! Log in to claim free 600 Draws! !
Dive into the fantasy world of Yokai!

This is an era of symbiosis between humans and Yokai……
Yokai, which originally belonged to the underworld, hides among humans and waits for an opportunity to put the order of the human world in jeopardy.
As an onmyōji, who can cross two worlds and even control spirit bodies, you will fight to maintain the balance between the two worlds.
Embark on your legendary Yokai adventure now!


【Meet massive mystic Yokai】
Summon hundreds of legendary Yokai! From the fearsome Yamata no Orochi to the enchanting fox Tamamo, they're ready to fight for you anytime!

【Evolve with idle gameplay】
Multiple copies of automatic battles, easily obtain upgrade resources through idle gameplay! Free your hands and enjoy the true strategic experience!

【Assemble your strategic squad】
No absolute power, just tactical triumphs! Command Yokai, adjust lineups and positions for easy cross-combat PK victories!

【Enjoy stunning Yokai battle】
Fully upgraded 3D combat special effects, every click of yours results in a spectacular move! Maximum visual impact!

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