The Desire of Ages APK

Discover in detail the life of Jesus, from his birth to his ascension to heaven.

In this book, the North American author Ellen G. White writes in detail the biography of the Lord Jesus Christ. Several of the topics that the reader will be able to study are the following:
- God's chosen people
- The Star of Bethlehem
- A Savior is born to you
- The life of Jesus as a child.
- Easter celebrated in ancient times
- The Baptism of Jesus
- Temptation and Victory in the desert
- The appeal to the disciples
- Healing of deaf, blind and paralyzed
- Lazarus Resurrection
- The Pharisees plan to kill Jesus
- The arrest and judgment of Christ
- Death on Calvary
- The resurrection of Jesus

And many more topics. In addition, each chapter is accompanied by two audio versions, so that you can enjoy reading this beautiful book. God bless you.

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