Thermometer Body temperature Diary app keep a track of fever records on graph


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Dec 11, 2021

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Thermometer Body Temp Tracker APP

Body Temperature Tracker is an application that saves the body temperature measured by using a medical thermometer. You can even check the temperature ranges of your body on the graph based on the data saved.

Thermometer Body Temperature records App gives information related to your body temperature and allows the users to store the temperature values. All the stored values can be retrieved at any time and this gives a full history of person records. Body Temperature info app allows users to view the saved records in the form of graphs, this gives a proper visual representation of temperature readings of a person. Using a thermometer for fever records app you can also check your BMI, Room and Indoor Temperature.

The graphs supported by Body Temperature Thermometer App info are Line Graph, Bar Graph, and Dual Axis Line Graph.

Thermometer Body Temperature info App stores your temperature values and does not measure your values. The values and graphs are only for the identical purposes of body temperature readings.
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