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Jun 15, 2023
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Universal Church APP

With the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God application, you approach the words of the Lord and sacred writings of the Bible with Jesus Christ always by your side.

★ Stay within everything that happens in the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and access interactive photos, videos and uplifting messages ★

In addition, you can leave comments and share all content with your friends on your social networks.

Here's what you'll have in hand with the Universal Church Application:

Are you suffering? Chat with an online pastor now through the application. No matter the time or the day of the week. We are here 24 hours to understand your problems and offer the word of God. The Evangelical Church that has open doors and ears to listen to you.

The IURD is the Evangelical Church that, like Jesus Christ, never leaves you!

Have all the Bible content to read whenever and wherever you want right from your cell phone. Have the teachings and the word of God in hand, and you will have Jesus Christ at your side at all times.

Have the Bible in the palm of your hand, and Jesus Christ in your heart.

Use our Hymnbook to sing the most played songs in the Universal Church. The hymnal works even without the internet. Feel within our Evangelical Church without leaving home.

Sing the songs to praise God.

Watch in real time what is being broadcast worldwide by Universal TV. The Evangelical Church you trust, online on your cell phone.

Watch the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God programming on your cell phone.

Listen to the radio network Aleluia live, by the app itself. Follow the songs suggested by the Universal Church.

Listen to the songs that bring you closer to Jesus Christ!

Follow the news and texts of Bishop Edir Macedo from his cell phone. Listen also to podcasts with audios from the country's most admired bishop.

Read and listen to the advice of Bishop Edir Macedo with the word of God.

Use the app to get closer to our Evangelical Church, and also to get closer to the word of God. Receive inspirational messages of faith whenever you wish. They are messages of the Bible and of faith.

Read the messages of faith with Jesus Christ and God in your heart.

All this and more in one application so you have the Universal Church all the time on your smartphone and tablet.
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