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7 thg 5, 2018
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Free Doubloons for WOWS APP

Are you a World of Warships player? Do you want to be able to use the game’s internal currency, Doubloons, without having to buy any? There is now an easy and completely above-board solution!

With this new app, you can earn gold in World of Warships by completing simple tasks. Watch the listed video clips and install the apps (for free, of course), and you’ll have Doubloons in your account in under 72 hours!

These activities won’t take up much of your time, but they will save you money. Open up new possibilities in World of Warships without spending a penny!

Signup is accessible through Russian, European, and American servers. You can also win prizes! You will receive 20% of the Doubloons earned by any friends you’ve invited to the app (this sum is not deducted from your friends’ accounts).

Any questions? All the answers can be found here:
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