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Jul 17, 2023
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The WINDTRE app is the easiest and fastest way to check and customize the offers of your WINDTRE landline and mobile phone lines.

Access WINDTRE at any time, under mobile coverage or in Wi-Fi, to check the amount of GB left, minutes and SMS available and add what you need with a simple tap.

With the WINDTRE app you can:
• Top up your number or that of your friends in complete safety, and choose the payment method you prefer: credit card or PayPal. Activate Auto-recharge to avoid running out of credit
• Customize your phone plan in the OFFERS section: add GB, minutes and SMS or activate a new offer (also for abroad)
• Manage your home network based on the modem model*: check the status of the internet connection and the upload/download speed, view the devices connected to the network and customize the Wi-Fi network
• Access the WINDAY program, which rewards you with benefits, discounts and promotions every day
• Activate the “Please don't call” service for free (beta version), to protect the number from possible unwanted calls
• Contact us in CHAT! All the support you need thanks to the digital assistant WILL and our team of consultants
• Check all your mobile and fixed lines and view, in the MOVEMENT LIST section, the traffic made, the charges and top-ups made
• Consult and pay invoices issued
• Purchase tickets for public transport at any time by paying with telephone credit
• Activate notifications and geolocation to receive promotions and exclusive benefits in real time

To make sure you don't miss out on the latest news and offers, remember to always download the latest updated version of the App.

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* service compatible routers: ADB VM5722, AVM 7490, DLINK 6800z, D-Link-5592, Sercomm WD300, WINDTRE HUB ZTE H389X, ZTE F6645P, ZTE H389Q, Zyxel 3301, Zyxel 5601, Zyxel DX5401-B0, Zyxel8825, Zyxel 8828
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