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Aug 27, 2023

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Wing Chun Trainer APP

Wing Chun is a technique to stop the invasion, it is an active, streamlined self-defense system.
Distinctive [Nanquan] south martial arts, emphasizing the use of the correct concept of consciousness and way of thinking, to export limbs flexible application
Wing Chun is a very scientific, real strong boxing, defending it punches fast and close, flexible and fast footstep, both offensive and defensive attack and keep the same period, focusing on hardness with softness, strength and less consumption. Wing Chun with "inch Punch" to attack and defense, Its theory and mental instructions focus on the central line of human body, equal attention on left and right, and flexible handling and delivering of punches among others. Its strength lies in close range combat.

If you like fitness, MMA, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Boxing, karate and martial arts, you will never miss this app. You can use it to workout at home. The app is suitable for beginners, Ip Man and Bruce Lee fans. App can learn some action skills . Can I study martial arts at home without going out? You can download this app to practice. Just a few minutes a day.
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• Siu Nim Tau
• Chum Kiu
• Biu Zi

Wing Chun sticky hands
• More than 15 technologies or more

• Lunge
• Force
• Cross
• Circle
• Side
• Back

Wooden Dummy Full Set

Wing Chun leg Skill
• 8 Leg /Storm ,Cut ,Step ,Hook ,Shovel ,Whip ,Raise ,Swing

• Contains blue light filter
• rotation 360° view
• speed regulator watch every move in detail velocity
• Select step and loop
• Zoom function can watch in precise
• Video slider can immediately slow motion every screen
• Body Midline specify accurate angle
• You can drag menu items without exiting the scene
• Compass Map positioning function
• Option Single or Multiplayer training
• Mirror function exercise left and right movement coordination
• App are available offline after download complete

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