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Dec 8, 2023
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[Netizens push popular rankings]
Korean drama "Sketch": Hallyu superstar Rain returns strongly
Korean drama "The Moment I Want to Pause": The fantasy love story of Lee Sung-Yung & Lee Sang-lun
Korean drama "Golden Lawyer": Park Hyung Sik & Jang Dong Gun's Strongest Bromance
Sports "Chinese Professional Baseball": live broadcast of all Chinese professional baseball matches
The movie "Black Panther": Marvel's new hero
Lu Opera "Summer of Bubbles": a classic remake

[Synchronous iqiyi follow-up]
"Korean Drama": Sketch/The moment I want to pause/Golden lawyer/Unable to lawyer/Greasy melo/Miss Hammurabi/Xunnan Zhengyin/Mistress (Hunting Yan Lover)/Duo Jin President Petty Girl/My Uncle/ Beautiful sister who often invites dinner
"Land Opera": Summer of Bubbles/Old Boy/Icebreaker of True Love Lies/Recklessness/Arbors in the South/Youth in the Name of You/The Flower Blooming in That Year/Three Lives III and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
"Taiwan Drama": 1006's guest / ex-boyfriend is not a person / my boy / tower princess / sandwich girl counterattack
"Japanese TV Drama": Uncle's Love/Credit Scammer JP
"American TV Series": Bizarre Sea Monster/New York Law/Intersection
"Han Zong": Running Man/It's dangerous outside the quilt/The hut in the forest/One week idol 2
"Lu Zong": Mom is Superman 3/Run Bar 2/Hot-blooded Street Dance Company/Robot Fighting/Idol Trainee
"Anime": Muriuren-Naruto New Era/One Piece/One Piece/Hunter/Kuro Magician: Transparent Card Chapter/Herber Eater/Detective Conan Special Selection/Black Clover/Magic Boy/ Crayon Shin-Chan
"Movie": The Little Prince/Monster’s Child/God and Ghosts: Dead Without Correspondence/Zone Trace Room No. 7/Lily Heart/Journey to the West: The Kingdom of Daughters/Walk with God/Blood Guanyin/Beauty 2
"Sports": Chinese professional baseball live broadcast of all 29-year matches
"Children": Cute Qiaohu Island / Dora the Explorer / Rescue Hero Boli / Monster Watch 2 / Little Bus Tayo / Digimon APP Beast / Anpanman

[Single movie rental movie new movie]
Black Panther/Grey’s Fifty Shadows: Free Savage Game: Crazy Jungle/Singing Voice 3/ Thor 3: Ragnarok/Avengers/Yin Erfang Chapter 4: Locking the Dead/The Darkest Hour/ Cocoa Nightclub

[Popular videos from original channels]
Electric Otter Girls AotterGirls/MuseComedy/MuseComedy/MarieClaireTW/Your drink is ready TangyiStudio/Let’s eat! /Alvin's Life Record/Dark Beer and the Under Beer Organization/NowEPo/DBI Bureau of Investigation

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IQIYI Taiwan Gold VIP Member: Exclusive audio and video content, 1080P high-definition picture quality, smooth playback without ads, 2 monthly rental coupons to enjoy popular movie theaters and new movies, monthly rental plan is free for the first month.
Movie single-film rental program: see the new movies in popular theaters first, and there is no burden for single-film rentals, and monthly payment members are the most cost-effective; non-members single-film rentals are 80 yuan, and VIP members only need 64 yuan.

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