Disgusting and cute cats have exploded across the country! A cat tower defense game that anyone can easily learn Free registration and you can play right away~ There are also new cats that are only available in the Chinese version! Hurry up and download it to cultivate your personalized kitty army!


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Oct 30, 2023
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貓咪大戰爭 GAME

Disgusting and cute cats are going on a rampage across the country!
A cat raising game that anyone can play easily.
It's free & you can play right away without registration! meow~
*The game contains some paid items
★Super simple・Battle system
Make up your favorite cat team to fight~
You can also launch the cat cannon to attack the opponent's castle! !
★Super simple・Cultivation system
You can get experience points by passing the level~
After you upgrade your cat character level to 10, you can change jobs! !
★Super Simple・Cat War
Exquisite treasures everywhere ~ Strange and special characters ~
The ultra-personal cat legions・EX characters are even more nonsensical and disgusting! !

Even people who are not good at games can easily get started! !
"Cat War" will be loved by all ages☆
What kind of cat can you breed? !
From now on, lead the army of disgusting and cute cats to fight together!

※When installing or updating the app, a notification of "Downloading a large app" will appear.
If you cannot use Wi-Fi connection, please uncheck "Download via Wi-Fi only" and then click Continue.
If it is checked, it will not be installed or updated normally.

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