AirWatch Samsung ELM Service APK

AirWatch Samsung ELM Service

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NameAirWatch Samsung ELM Service APK
Version4.5.0.15 (280)
UpdatedDec 14, 2018
DeveloperVMware Workspace ONE
CategoryApps, Business

AirWatch Samsung ELM Service App

AirWatch Samsung ELM Service

AirWatch introduces a service application for Samsung enterprise ready devices. This application is a “plug-in” application that should only be installed and used in combination with enrollment of the AirWatch Agent. It allows for additional MDM capabilities described below that only pertain to Samsung devices.

This service application utilized the Enterprise License Management (ELM) key implemented by Samsung.

Depending on the AirWatch MDM console version you are using, please follow these steps to deploy to your Samsung device:
If using a 6.1 console or older:
1. You must first download, install, open and activate the Samsung Service
2. Then, download install the AirWatch MDM Agent available in the Google Play
3. You may now enroll like normal and the Samsung features will be activated

If using a 6.1 SP1 console or greater:
1. You must download, install the AirWatch MDM Agent available in the Google Play
2. You may now enroll like normal and the Samsung Service will be pushed to your device during enrollment

Samsung devices are enterprise ready with enhanced security and management capabilities. Remotely manage settings, policies, applications and functionality on Samsung devices. MDM Features include:
1. Device Restrictions
2. Native Mail Client Configuration
3. Wi-Fi Network Setup
4. VPN Network Setup
5. Certificate Management
6. Application Management
a. Blacklisting Apps
b. Whitelisting Apps
c. Required Apps

APK: AirWatch Samsung Service, AirWatch Samsung ELM Service

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