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Authenticator Pro is a open-source 2FA OTP code generator with backup support.

Version1.10.0 (100000043)
UpdatedSep 05, 2020 (4 weeks ago)
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Authenticator Pro generates Two Factor Authentication (2FA) codes for your online accounts. Both TOTP and HOTP are supported. The generated codes are one time tokens that provide an extra layer of security to your online accounts. After scanning a simple QR code, your account is protected.

Please direct all feedback / issues to either GitHub or email (developer contact section) instead of writing a review.

Authenticator Pro is compatible with most providers and accounts. View some supported providers here: https://twofactorauth.org/ (marked with "software token").

Backup / Restore
Backup your authenticators with strong encryption. In case you lose your or change phone, you can always gain access to your accounts. Save to cloud storage or to your device.

Dark Mode
Authenticator Pro has a beautiful material design inspired look in either light or dark themes.

Find your authenticators easily with recognisable brand logos and icons next to each code.

Organise your authenticators into categories.

Offline with few permissions
Authenticator Pro only requires a single permission and does not require Internet access to function.

Set icons and rename. You can also arrange your authenticators in any order you like so you can find them easily.

The application source code can be viewed by everyone on GitHub.

Authenticator Pro is also available as a Wear OS companion app. Quickly view your authenticators directly from your watch. Please note that a connection to your Android device is required.

2 Factor authentication provides an extra layer of security to your accounts by requiring the use of a one time code to log in. In addition to your username and password, you will need a code provided by Authenticator Pro. So even if your login details are compromised, your account remains safe.

Free and Open-Source


Camera permission is required to add accounts through QR codes.

What's New

Breaking changes to Wear OS companion app, please update on both devices to retain functionality.

- Wear OS: Offline support.
- Wear OS: Ability to filter by category.
- General: Search now includes username.
- General: Fixed double pin/fingerprint bug.
- General: New icons for Altaro, Funio, Square, Wasabi and Zyxel.
- General: Improvements to existing icons.
- General: Slight performance improvements.

Email: contact@jmh.me

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