Bill Letter is a convenient and smart way to manage various fare guides and various benefits received from paper / e-mail.


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Oct 6, 2023
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Experience a variety of financial services, from asset management to real-time bill inquiry and daily life benefits, with 'Bill Letter', which allows you to integrate and manage various bills such as telecommunication bills, card statements, local taxes, and city gas that you receive by email.

[main function]
■ Apply for a bill and manage and conveniently pay various bills at once!
- SK Telecom / SK Broadband / Credit card (KB Kookmin, Samsung, Woori, Hana Card) / Local tax (excluding some regions) / City gas / Cash receipt
- Kakao Pay payment / SK pay payment (money, account/card) / account transfer / check, credit card / OK Cashbag points / communication charges can be paid using convenience store QR

■ You can find out your usage patterns through real-time rate details!
- Real-time communication fee / data usage inquiry / last month's usage / usage plan inquiry, etc.

■ You can see your asset information at a glance!
- Various bills such as communication charges / card statements, local taxes, city gas, etc. / car price inquiries, etc.

■ Enjoy a variety of life services that are hot these days!
- Integrated inquiry of deposits, card points, insurance payments, refunds / shopping / culture / living benefits, etc.

■ Enjoy customized recommendations and events for Billeter customers!
- Additional financial services / recommended information / daily life services, etc.

Receive various bills through 'Bill Letter', a communication financial life in the palm of your hand.
There is a low possibility of personal information being leaked due to theft or loss of mail, so you can safely and conveniently receive consolidated bills.

• If you have any inconvenience, please contact the customer center at 114 and we will provide you with prompt assistance.

[App access rights]
-Phone (required): This permission requires required consent to maintain the authentication status received on the smartphone and use the app service.
-Notification (optional): Permission required to receive push messages.
-Storage space (optional): Permission required for efficient use of terminal resources.
*You can use the service even if you do not agree to granting optional access rights.
*If you are using a smartphone with Android OS version 6.0 or lower, all access rights can be applied as mandatory without selective access. In this case, you must upgrade the Android OS to 6.0, delete the app, and reinstall it to set access permissions properly.

- The service is available starting from Android OS 4.4 or higher.
- For smooth use, please update the terminal OS and app to the latest version.
- Data call charges may apply when using the service on LTE or 3G. (Data call charges do not incur when using the SKT/SKB rate guide on an SKT mobile phone.)
- Available only to SKT, KT, and LG U+ line subscribers. (Available to some MVNO subscribers.)
- There may be restrictions on service provision depending on the subscription carrier, personal information protection, and the identity of the person in charge.
- If you register an SKT rate guide, the type of rate guide you previously received (mail, text, etc.) will be changed to Bill Letter, and you can change the rate guide type at T World.
- Payment methods provided may vary depending on the billing company.
*Developer contact: +8215990011
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