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Jan 17, 2019

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Camera Hacker APP

This is the official app for the Camera Hacker web site, where you can share and discuss photography hacks, tips, and tricks. If you like taking your digital camera apart, make improvements, and tinker with your lenses, this app is for you. Participate in our wiki and discussion forums. See what results others are brewing. Ping your fun ideas off the community. Get help and solution for your project from knowledgeable folks. This free app provide quick navigation to the Camera Hacker web site on your Android phone. It's like having the entire community in your pocket. You can easily carry it around your workshop to get immediate access. Download this app today. Menu Options: Forums - Navigates to the forum discussions. Wiki - Navigates to the wiki pages. Home - Navigates to the main page, where you can see a summary of the latest Wiki updates, forum messages, and Facebook activities. Quick Seek - Allows you to move through long web pages quickly and efficiently. This menu option is not available on Android 2.3.3 and prior; long tap on the web page instead. Search - Quick access to let you search the repository by author, title, subject, or Google. Refresh - Reloads the current web page. Find - Allows you to find text passages in a book. Select Text - Select text to copy to clipboard. Copied text can be pasted into other Android apps. This menu option is available on Android 2.3 and prior. On newer Android OS, long tap on a word, then select and copy text. Share - Allows you to share the book you are reading with your family or friends. About - Presents the About dialog where you can see more information about this app, like the version number. Provide link to our apps, our web site, and our Facebook page. Quit - Shuts down the app completely. This action also saves your current book position so that you can return to it at any time.
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