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Get the altitude difference between any two points worldwide.

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Turn your map into an altimeter!

Don't guess how high you climbed: Know how high you climbed with Delta Altitude: The leading height difference calculator!

Delta Altitude is an elevation calculator that allows you to get the altitude at any point or the change in elevation between two points simply by tapping on a map.

What is the difference in height between your base camp and Mount Everest's Peak?
Tap on your base camp, then tap on Everest's peak and get your answer, instantly.

The application accesses altitude databases that are built from numerous sources of altitude data obtained using satellite and aircraft LIDAR (Laser Light Detection and Ranging) and NASA's Shuttle Radar Topography Mission.

How accurate is this app?

The horizontal resolution of the LIDAR scans is as fine as 1 meter or less while NASA's Radar scans are available at a resolution of 30 meters. So, the accuracy will vary depending on the type of scan that is available for your area or the area you select.

The most accurate values will be obtained in the United States where LIDAR scanning has been used extensively.

In general, altitude values should be accurate to 5 meters or better.

What's New

Optimizations for Android 9 and 10.
Minor bug fixes.

Email: support@discipleskies.com

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