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Mar 1, 2024

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Dim Easy APP

If your phone's brightness level bothers you even if it is at the lowest possible level, this is the right application for you.

Dim Easy is a light weight app which provides simple and useful options to dim the brightness of Phone/Tablet. Dim Easy has below options to play with:
1. Dim the brightness of device by adding colour filter.
2. Option to select filter color.
3. Change the opacity of filter colour.
4. Option to enable/disable Screen Dimmer.
5. An option to reset all the user setting and go back to default setting.

You can select any colour you feel comfortable as a colour filter. Keep the application running in background.

Useful for reading online books, playing games in low lights, during night

Permission Request:
Dim easy requires DRAW OVER OTHER APPS permission enabled as it draws a colour filter on top to change/dim the colour and brightness

Feel free to share your feedback. Write to me on my email below if you've any suggestions or issues.
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