Dynamical System Simulator APK

Animates systems of differential equations in real time.

Version1.2.1 (10)
UpdatedApr 19, 2015 (6 years ago)
DeveloperSimplicial Software, LLC
CategoryApps, Education

Dynamical System Simulator animates 2D and 3D first-order and second-order systems of differential equations in real time. Watch animated particles move through space leaving a trail in their wake. Great for verifying slope fields, phase portraits, and gaining an intuitive understanding of dynamical systems. Knowledge of differential equations is assumed but the help screen will point you to additional sources of information. The app is pre-loaded with several well known dynamical system configurations that can be selected from the navigation drawer. Parameters for a particular system type can be randomized.

Sample Systems:
• Logistic Population (1D)
• Periodic Harvesting (1D)
• Saddle (2D)
• Source (2D)
• Sink (2D)
• Center (2D)
• Spiral Source (2D)
• Spiral Sink (2D)
• Bifurcations (2D)
• Homoclinic Orbit (2D)
• Spiral Saddle (3D)
• Spiral Sink (3D)
• Lorenz (3D)
• Oscillations (3D)

Mode Settings:
• Matrix (linear) / Expressions (linear or non-linear)
• 2D / 3D
• 1st Order / 2nd Order

Simulation Settings:
• Number of Particles
• Update Rate
• Time Scale (including negative)
• Enable/Disable random initial velocities for particles

View Settings:
• Line Width
• Line Color
• Zooming (with pinch gestures)
• View Rotation (3D only)

In Expressions Mode the following symbols and trigonometric functions can be used:
• x, y, z
• x', y', z' (2nd Order Mode Only)
• t (time)
• sin (sine)
• cos (cosine)
• asin (arcsine)
• acos (arccosine)
• abs (absolute value)

What's New

- Added sample systems to the navigation drawer (top left).
- Added ability to save, load, and delete configurations from the action menu (top right).

Email: simplicialsoftware@gmail.com

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