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A simple and handy tool for all Electrical / Electronics students and graduates.

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This app is a gift for all Electrical / Electronics Engineering graduates and students. Now you don't need to remember all those complex formulas. This app contains all the Electrical Engineering calculations and conversions including Voltage, Current, Power, Efficiency, Resistor/Capacitor/Inductor combinations, Resonant Frequency, Reactance, 4-Band, 5-Band and 6-Band Resistor Colour Coding, Inductor Colour Coding, Delta/Star Impedance Conversion, Single/Three Phase Active/Reactive/Apparent Power, Peak/Rms Conversion, Watts to Horsepower conversion, Power Factor calculations, Transformer Calculations, Lighting Calculations, Cable Calculations and many others.
Simply enter the values and get the results.
Formulas used in these calculations are also displayed.

Features / Calculations:
---> 4 band, 5 band and 6 band resistor colour coding.
---> Inductor colour coding.
---> Resistance colour coding from given value.
---> Series and parallel combinations of resistance, inductance and capacitance.
---> Ohm's law calculations (current, voltage, resistance and power).
---> Joule's law calculations.
---> Single phase power calculations (active power, reactive power, apparent power, voltage, current, power factor).
---> 3 phase power calculations (active power, reactive power, apparent power, voltage, current, power factor).
---> DC power calculation.
---> Line to phase voltage/current conversion and vice versa.
---> Delta to star impedance conversion and vice versa.
---> Capacitive/inductive reactance calculation.
---> Resonant frequency calculation.
---> Resistivity calculation.
---> Peak to RMS voltage/current conversion and vice versa.
---> Efficiency calculation.
---> Transformer calculations (turns ratio, primary/secondary voltage, primary/secondary current, primary/secondary turns).
---> CT and PT calculations.
---> horsepower to watts conversion and vice versa.
---> Lighting Calculations (Lumens - Lux, Lumens - Watts, Lux - Watts, Lumens - Candela, Lux - Candela, Lux - Foot-Candle).
--> Cable Size Calculator.

Your feedback has helped us a lot in improving this app and we further request you to give your valuable feedback so that we keep on improving.


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