Earn points just by walking, which you can use to buy health and beauty products


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Feb 15, 2024
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FiNC Diet & Fitness App APP

With over 11 million downloads, FiNC is Japan’s most popular healthcare/fitness app. FiNC is your own AI personal trainer, assisting you in managing your weight, meals, steps, exercise, sleep, and period for free.
Earn points just by walking, which you can use to buy health and beauty products.

【FiNC App Features】

● Easily Record and Manage Your Lifestyle

・Weight: Set goals and track your progress. This is made even easier with the FiNC Smart Scale, which also provides information such as BMI and physical age.
・Meals: Simply take photos of your meals and the AI will analyze the nutritional content ( ※ the accuracy of the Meal Analysis feature is being improved), showing the nutritional information such as calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat, in an easy to understand format.
・Steps: Track your steps just by walking with your smartphone. Enjoy reaching your step goals with point rewards!
・Exercise: This function can record more than 50 types of exercise, the amount of calories the exercise burned, as well as give a general calorie consumption count.
・Period: Simply tap a calendar to track your period and receive period and ovulation predictions.
・Sleep: Track your sleep with daily sleep predictions, just by having your smartphone nearby.

● Use the Points You Earn for Healthy Shopping

Earn points simply by tracking your weight, meals, steps, period, and sleep. You can use these points to purchase health and beauty goods on the “FiNC Mall”, which specializes in wellness-related products.
※Please read the Terms of Use carefully before using points.

● AI Personal Trainer

The FiNC AI personal trainer provides personalized advice based on your lifestyle data, to suit any health concerns or worries you may have. Get the support you need to keep track of your lifestyle and reach your health goals.

● Over 30,000 Pieces of Content for a Fun and Healthy Lifestyle

Get access to plenty of health and beauty content, from fitness videos with professional trainers to healthy recipes by nutritionists. Your AI personal trainer will show you the content that suits your interests and health concerns the most.

● Synchronzing Data

Synchronize data from the FiNC Smart Scale, popular wearable “Fitbit®”, and the Android “Google Fit” app! This can help you measure steps and sleep automatically.

◯ Operating System
・Required: Android7.0 or later

※The app may not work on some devices even with a compatible OS version
※The compatible versions and devices may change with future updates.
◯ Warning
Customers on some subscription plans will receive check-in bonuses. However, this requires the smartphone’s location services, which will activate your smartphone’s GPS in the background.

To reduce battery usage caused by this, please change your app settings. You can check your app settings from [Smartphone Settings] > [Privacy] > [Location Services].

If you have any further questions, please contact us at support-fincapp@finc.com.
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