Keep tabs on your kid's activity, sleep and much more with Garmin Jr.


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Dec 8, 2022

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Garmin Jr.™ APP

When paired with a compatible Garmin kid’s wearable device, the Garmin Jr.™ app¹ is a parent’s resource for keeping track of kids’ activity² and sleep, managing chores and rewards and encouraging 60 minutes of activity a day.

With an LTE-capable device, parents can also stay connected to their kids with text and voice messaging features. They can track their location on the map in the Garmin Jr.™ app, set boundaries and receive alerts related to those boundaries. Your kids will be only be able to communicate with the people you add as guardians, caregivers or friends in the app.

The Parent Helper
With the Garmin Jr.™ app on their smartphone, parents can:

• Get detailed statistics of their child’s activity and sleep.
• Celebrate personal records, including steps and active minutes.
• Assign tasks and chores and reward your kids for a job well done.
• Manage your child’s device settings, including goals, alarms, icons and display.
• Create challenges to encourage the whole family to be more active.
• Connect with other families and compete in multi-family challenges.
• Invite up to nine guardians and caregivers to your family.
• Send text and voice messages to your child’s compatible Garmin device.*
• Track your child’s location on the map.*

¹Requires app loaded on parent’s compatible smartphone
²Activity tracking accuracy:
* To use LTE features, an active subscription plan is necessary
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