Multi-screen Interactive app bring you the enjoy between TV and mobile devices.


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Aug 10, 2017

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KKMultiScr APP

App Name: KKMultiScr
Multi-screen Interactive app, makes your life more colorful

Control your Android TV intelligently. Throw your traditional remote control away. Control your TV by using the virtual remote control, virtual mouse. Share multimedia resources on your mobile phone. Play the somatic game in TV by using the smart Phone as joystick. Input the word to TV by tapping the keyboard in smart phone.

Multi-screen interactive, including four module which are ”smart remote control”, “multimedia cloud share”、“ TV screen transmission” and “game control”. You can feel perfect operating experience after TV is connected.

1)Smart remote control” module provide two kinds of operating method which are “ full remote control”, “mouse and gesture”. Full remote control simulate the real remote control. Mouse and Gesture simulate the touchpad. You can input the words here by tapping the pad.

2)“Multimedia cloud share” module provides network resource sharing. Pictures on the mobile phone can be transmitted to the Android TV, and playback. Music and videos sharing is the same. You can also obtain the multimedia resources of other network equipment that connected with the Android TV.

3)TV screen” transmission module: The picture in the TV screen can be transmitted to the mobile phone screen simultaneously. Then the TV can be controlled by tapping the picture in the smart phone.

4)Game control module provide gravity sensor and three finger touch. Operate the TV and mobile phone point to point in order to playing the games in TV, especially the gravity sensors games. Use the smart phone as gravity sensor rod, playing car racing games, etc. Cool Experience.
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