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Jun 28, 2019

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ManFIT is a FREE fitness app for home workout. It requires no fitness equipment yet provides a wide range of courses for muscle building.

Key Features - ManFIT
▶Simple but effective workout routines at home;
▶Various courses to choose from: quick workout or monthly workout challenge;
▶Reliable fitness tracker with detailed report;
▶Professional training guidance with vivid animation and voice guide;
▶Encouraging badge system to show off your effort and achievements to your friends;
▶Customized reminder to enable flexible training schedule;

How to Effectively Use ManFIT
Step One: Open the app and fill out your own information;
Step Two: Choose the program that suits your need;
Step Three: Stick to your training program. In the meantime, you can share your workout results with your friends on social media to show off your efforts and workout achievements.

Basic Training Programs

Abs Workout
Chest Workout
Arms & Shoulders Workout
Back Workout
Legs & Glutes Workout

⚡️Power Training Programs

Endurance Training
Explosive Force Training
Vertical Jump Training

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