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NameNotebook APK
Version1.4.6 (9009)
UpdatedJul 26, 2017
CategoryApps, Productivity

Notebook App

Notebook for your notes, your lists, your catch and reminder.

"Notebook" serves all your note-taking needs by providing you with a clean user interface, the possibility to search for notes, grouping notes by category, sharing with friends or collaborators, and the ability to backup and restore notes through import / export via SD card.Take notes, create lists, attach files to your notes, record voice notes and capture moments using "Notebook".
Very easy to use, intuitive, fast, elegant and secure "Notebook" can also be used as an organizer or personal diary.
More fear of losing your data, Connect with your Google Account, your notes will be instantly synchronized, periodically in the cloud and will be accessible on all your devices.
We have been meticulous in our design, paying attention to every detail so that this application is as useful to you as possible.

Tags: Notebook, Quick note, Onenote, One note, notepad, evernote, word

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