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Version0.160 (14)
UpdatedOct 27, 2016
DeveloperHazim Bitar
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SensoDuino app

Read, save, transmit Android sensors data via Bluetooth to Arduino & computer.

Think of SensoDuino as a dozen or more free virtual shields for your Arduino each supporting a different sensor and function. All you need is your Android phone, Arduino, and a $10 HC-05 Bluetooth module. SensoDuino captures data from sensors built into your Android mobile device such as GPS, audio, gyro, date/time then transmits this data over an HC-05 Bluetooth module to Arduino or any device equipped with Bluetooth capabilities be it Windows PC, Mac, or microcontroller. OTHER SERIAL BLUETOOTH MODULES MAY OR MAY NOT WORK.

SensoDuino also saves the captured sensor data to a comma-delimited text file for graphing and analysis. You can control the frequency of sensor data acquisition, transmission, and logging (subject to the specifications of the sensor vendor.)

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PLEASE RATE: This is a free app and only through your ratings I can determine if it's worth supporting or discontinuing.

SensoDuino recognizes the following Android sensors IF THEY EXIST ON YOUR ANDROID DEVICE: Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer/Compass, GPS, Light Level, Audio Level , Proximity, Pressure/Barometer, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Orientation, Gravity, Linear Accelerometer, Rotation Vector, Date, and Time.

Some software (virtual) sensors relay on the presence of hardware sensors to function. For example, the gravity sensor, linear acceleration sensor, and rotation vector sensor all of these software sensors relay on the presence of hardware gyro sensor on your Android device to function.

SensoDuino also features an Android sensor scanner that will list hardware and software sensors supported by your Android device as well as key sensor specifications such as max power consumption, resolution, vendor, etc.


- Read Android sensors.
- Save android sensor data to comma-delimited text file.
- Transmit android sensor data in ASCII comma-delimited format via Bluetooth.
- List available Android device sensors both hardware and virtual (software).
- Configure speed of sensor data capture, logging, and transmission.
- Log accuracy of most sensor data.
- Keep device awake to prevent loss of sensor data logging.
- Support Android devices from version 2.33

- Import geo-tagged sensor log into Google Map or for location analysis.
- Stream sensor data to a PC in real-time via Bluetooth for analysis and charting.

- Use SensoDuino as a UAV & IMU controller for RC airplanes, quadcopters, etc.
- Use Audio, Light , Accelerometer (motion) sensors to trigger alarms, turn things on/off.
- Design game and robot controllers.
- Much more.

SensoDuino needs your permission to perform the following tasks: log sensor data to your device SD, read GPS data, transmit sensor data via Bluetooth, read audio sensor (microphone), send application crash reports and user feedback via the internet, and network state for Google Analytics.


With new features added to SensoDuino, the captured screens may look slightly different from the production screens for a while until updated screenshots are uploaded.
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