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Telesto: Inventory Management


Telesto is an easy-to-use, robust and modern inventory management system


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Apr 24, 2022
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Telesto: Inventory Management App

Telesto is an easy-to-use, robust and modern inventory management system built to help small and midsize businesses track their products and materials.

Telesto will automatically sync all your data across different devices and platforms.


— Manage your products, assets and services
+ Distribute your products in multiple locations (warehouses)
+ Scan barcodes to locate products faster
+ Apply multiple tags or labels for better classification
+ Assign suppliers (for faster reordering), categories and locations
+ Manage products with multiple serial numbers

— Multiple user access!
+ Set specific permissions for each user
+ Track who, when and what a user has been doing in activity logs
+ Specify what chart will be shown to each user
+ Connect your users to specific locations

— Stock updater (inventory movements)
+ Move stocks between locations (movements)
+ Locate products easily by scanning barcodes or select from a list.
+ Full transaction history (global or filtered by product)
+ Create batches by just adding a simple transaction! *
+ Add comments or notes to each transaction (optional)

— Low-stock alerts
+ Receive summary emails daily with low-stock items grouped by location
+ Get push notifications immediately we detect a product in low-stock

— Generate custom reports
+ More than 22+ predefined reports for almost all your inventory needs
+ Ready-to-print reports in several formats: PDF, .XLS (Excel), .CSV (comma separated values)
+ PDF are customized with your company logo & company name

— Batch tracking (for perishable goods)
* Now you can see which products are expiring soon, which products you should get out first (FIFO and FEFO) and from what batch.
* Track expiration dates for each batch in your inventory
* Create or select batches easily from the stock updater

— Suppliers & customers’ management (purchase orders & invoices)
* Create unlimited purchase orders and invoices
* Completed orders can be loaded or unloaded from your inventory
* View your supplier or customer profiles (and order history)

— Project management
* Manage projects, connect contractors, assign inventory materials and more.

— Control everything!
+ Manage multiple locations (warehouses), custom fields (useful in case you need more fields for your products), search products instantly, and much more.

— Desktop edition (only pro)
+ Easily import or export (csv files) and perform manual backups whenever you want.

— Dashboard insights
+ Visualize your inventory (costs, inventory value, today's sales)
+ Designed to run beautifully on smartphones and big screens!
+ Customize it! hide unnecessary buttons, change font types, etc.

— Security features
+ You can secure access to the app with touch ID (fingerprint ID).
+ Your data is fully encrypted in the cloud. HTTPS is used to transfer them.
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