Map Editor for Minecraft APK

Map Editor for Minecraft


Geometry Constructs,Fill replacement,One-key Generate,One-key Revocation

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9 thg 4, 2018
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Ứng dụng Map Editor for Minecraft

Map Editor for Minecraft is a convenient, fast, feature-rich, supports one-click revocation Minecraft map editing tools. The map could be used in all versions of the international version and NetEase version.The integration of rapid construction,upgrading and optimization of interactive operations.Various editing features give you the most fluent editing experience!

Main Features:
【Map Export】 The edited map can be imported into Minecraft Edition quickly and easily. With one-click exporting, Pinpoint the map folder,use in game when export successfully.

【Edit settings】 Time, weather, moving speed, put the block under foot, display coordinates, automatic walking, go through the wall and other features that allows you to edit the map more freedom., a variety of functions will save lots of construction time.

【Geometry Constructs】 Lines, cuboids, spheres, circles, cones, trunks, and polygons, and sets the data such as the width, height, and radius to quickly create the geometry you want when editing a map.

【Fill replacement】 Fill pit, water,plane,reclamation, fill plane, replace single / multiple / adjacent box. A variety of replacement boxes and methods, edit the map more flexible and efficient.

【Copy and paste】 Two ways to copy the boxes,copy the area or adjacent. Beautiful architecture can be copied at any time to save to the clipboard, re-use, a key paste, reducing repetitive operations.

【One-key Generate】Build natural landscape, plants, decorations, architecture with one click. A variety of decorative models you can choose when you create the map.

【One-key Revocation】 Do not be afraid of operation error anymore, one key revocation, restore the previous step, do not need to destroy the map and box.

【Map backup】 Backup the map at anytime, anywhere.One key to restore the map backuped before. Do not be afraid of damaging the map anymore.

Map copy, map name changes, map mode changes and add or delete creatures…There are more functions waiting for you in MC Map Editor!

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Functional demo video:
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